About Lensabl

  • What does the lens protection plan cover?

    All lenses are covered for scratches made during normal use and any coating defects for the first 3 months ...

  • How does Lensabl work?

    For lens replacement, the way our process works is that once you order, we email you a shipping label (or y...

    Jason from Lensabl
  • Can I find Lensabl in stores?

    Lensabl services are currently only available online through our website.

    Jason from Lensabl
  • How can I find my prescription?

    To get your prescription, please contact your local optometrist. Eye exams are also performed at many local...

    Jason from Lensabl
  • What if the prescription is wrong?

    Please make sure the prescription you send us is correct and up to date. We make your lenses from scratch b...

    Jason from Lensabl
  • How much do prescription lenses cost?

    New prescription lenses start at $77!

    Jason from Lensabl
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