What is the proper way to take care of my lenses?

by Jason from Lensabl

Lens Care 101:

Spray Wisely -- Use sprays that are specifically made to clean eyeglass lenses, like the one we have provided. Never use household cleaners like Windex, which contain certain chemicals that will actually break down and eventually strip away any coating on the lens.

Not All Cloths Are The Same -- There’s nothing more convenient than using your shirt when you need to get rid of that smudge directly in the middle of your lens. However, using anything other than a microfiber cloth, like the one provided, has a textured surface and will scratch your lenses over time.

Store Your Specs -- Our collapsible case is a perfect way to store your glasses when not wearing them. This keeps away dust and dirt, as well as protects your specs from getting scratched or broken.


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