How does the lens replacement process work?

by Megan

For lens replacement, the way our process works is that once you order, we email you a shipping label (or you can request we send you a box) to send your frames into our lab. Once we receive your frames, lens production is ~4-7 business days on average (assuming you've provided all required Rx info). We then make the new lenses and install them for you before sending back. All of our lens options and prices can be found here:

Please note: 

Anti-fog treatment AR takes about an additional week to be applied.

 All sun tinted mirrored lenses take about 2-3  weeks longer than our normal lenses.

For more information on how Lens Replacement works check out this video we made further explaining the process:

If you are uncertain as to what lens type may be best for you, feel free to check out this brief video we created explaining the different prescription lens types and materials we offer:


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