Can you replace lenses in my Bose frame?

by Megan

If you already have a Bose frame and are just looking to get new lenses made you may submit a lens replacement order here: Please note: cR39 lens material is not suitable for any of the Bose frames. For lens replacement, the way our process works is that once you order, we email you a shipping label (or you can request we send you a box) to send your frames into our lab. Once we receive your frames, lens production is 4-7 business days on average (assuming you’ve provided all required Rx info). We then make the new lenses and install them for you before sending back.


If you do not want to send the frame in, we can still make the lenses and have them sent directly to you to install yourself: Our standard process for lens replacement recommends sending the frame in. This is because customers often have a hard time inserting the lenses themselves as the lenses may be thicker than the demo lenses, when adding a prescription and causing damage to the frames/lenses.
If you do want to proceed with lenses only without sending the frame in, when you place your order, please include the model of Bose frame in the comments section of your order and then email us this request along with your order number.

PLEASE NOTE: if you choose not to send your frames in, Lensabl cannot be responsible for any damage to the lenses or frames when installing them yourself.


For Bose Tempo request for lenses only: This frame is very hard to mount lenses because of the wrap and the way it gets mounted, therefore, you MUST send in your frames for us to install the lenses.


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